budgetBefore this program was created, most students went without lunch on school days because their families simply could not afford the cost of a lunch. Now students look forward to a future of health and eventually, self-sufficiency. This program is managed by Trinity Episcopal Church in Bloomington on behalf of the Diocese of Indianapolis. Donations are sent directly from the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis to the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti. They are then forwarded to St Andre School in care of Pere Michelin, rector of St. Andre Church and School.

This 3-year initiative, as outlined in the budget to the right, is minimal in comparison to the good work it provides in creating a future rich with opportunity for the students of St Andre School. To cover these costs, sponsorships are available at a cost of $99.00 per year for a three year commitment, beginning in 2015 and ending in 2017. These sponsorships are modeled to equate to $14,850 (150 x $99) per year and cover 58% of the initiative with the remaining $10,575 or 42% per year slated to come from the operating budgets of the churches that make up the Diocese of Indianapolis.